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Selene Ocean Yachts

Selene Ocean Yachts available now through the exclusive Philippine distributor - Selene Philippines.

Selene yachts have been sailing the 7000 islands of the Philippines for decades, aiding tourism and documenting their adventures in magazines and online. Crossing oceans, Selene trawler and explorer yachts crossed the Pacific for the first time in 1999 and since then they have crossed every ocean on the planet.

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Why Buy Ocean Yachts In Philippines

Buying an Selene ocean explorer yacht in the Philippines through Selene Philippines makes good sense because from the Philippines your yacht can be sailed to any location around the globe while you save on taxes and duties that would otherwise be paid upon arrival. In the meantime you can cruise the more than 7000 Philippine Islands and live life the way you planned.

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Selene Motor Yachts For Sale

Artemis 39

Artemis 39 luxury power boat

High speed luxury power boats for fast island hopping are the signature of the Artemis yacht range. Featuring staterooms and generous space for relaxation and entertaining, the Artemis power boat will allow you to hunt for your chosen beach paradise and arrive before anyone else. The Artemis 39 is the smallest in the Artemis power boat range, that goes up to 56 feet length overall.

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Selene 49 Classic Explorer

Selene 49 Classic Trawler style luxury yacht

The Selene 49 is truly a classic, trawler-style cruising yacht designed for family and friends to enjoy extended cruises with all the comforts of home aboard. Upgraded and with a range of 2000 Nautical Miles on one tank of fuel your potential for exploration & enjoyment of the islands and oceans, one week at a time, is virtually limitless.

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Selene 60 Ocean Explorer

Selene 60 luxury ocean yacht

No other ocean explorer yacht comes close to the price / performance of the Selene 60 Explorer. With three staterooms, crew quarters and a range of 2500 Nautical Miles, without refueling, there is really no comparison if your dreams take you to distant shores or extended exploration around Asia and the West Pacific. With luxurious interiors and full-height cabins and companionways, the Selene 60 Explorer is your best choice.

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