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Buying A Yacht At Source

Here is how to come to paradise and save a bundle doing it!

You select your yacht, contract for the build then take delivery and ownership of your new Selene ocean yacht at the yard, so no shipping cost - which would otherwise run up to $100k USD: duty and customs fees and any sales tax or VAT usually paid by boats delivered to other countries, the savings are huge!

You register the yacht in your home country or one of the foreign options favorable to yachts.

Then you, as new owner, make the short, six-hundred mile crossing to the Philippines and enter as a Registered cruising boat with minimal entrance charges. You will get an easily extended Tourist Visa on arrival; under the current regulations, your yacht can stay indefinitely without any Duty. If you require crew for the passage to the Philippines, Selene Philippines will arrange that too.

Before departing Hong Kong, we will arrange for your term membership at the Subic Bay Yacht Club ("SBYC") where a berth will be waiting for you at arrival. SBYC offers a five-star marina with, two pools, gym, two restaurants, extremely tight security and even a casino. The berthing rates for members are quite reasonable and the service excellent, e.g. they collect your rubbish daily and even deliver purified water. The dock crew are a great bunch of guys and just love to help.

Once arrived in SBYC, Selene Philippines will arrange for any pre-approved warranty work to be accomplished. We can find known, reliable help for any commissioning work.

Subic Bay is a Freeport and offers just about anything a boater might need: boat yards, chandlery, service companies and a vast array of specialty shops.

Many yacht owners employ a “boat boy” who keeps the boat spotless and can do most minor repairs; often the boat boy serves as crew while cruising. The boat boy will also keep an eye on your boat when you are out of the country: making sure it is kept clean and safe. The usual wage is about $300 USD a month. Skilled labor, who do minor repairs, cosmetic work, painting and waxing boats earn $10-$15 USD a day; trained technicians usually $30-$50 USD a day.

Not all is boat work, SBYC is walking distance (or $4 USD cab ride) from three malls with theaters. There area plethora of restaurants nearby, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Italian and good old American food can be found easily. More than ten massage spas are here, price ranging $5-$12 USD for a one-hour massage. Some are full-service spas, the ladies get the “pedi/mani” for $5-$10 USD. A haircut is $2 USD. One can live in luxury here quite cheap!

But . . .You did not buy a Selene yacht to sit at the dock, time to cruise! Please see the Philippines cruising info provided here.



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